Nohrt-eastern part of Poland is the land unique charm.Forrested hills surround crystal clear lakes, nature is full of life. In this scenery every moment can become unforgettable adventure. Under this sails, on canoe routes , amongst trees most beautiful memories are being recorded.At dusk in the shadow of gothic castles the sound of music can be admired, starry sky allows dreaming.

What you should take with you:
A sleeping- bag, mattress, cosmetics, electric torch, camera, lighter, water sandals, sharp pocket knife, summer cap, bathing suit, personal medicine, towel, clothes for bright sunshine (clothes against sun radiation), raincoat and money.The best thing is to pack all necessary equipment into a travel bag of middle size which will be fit for waterproof rubbersack so that all equipment will be in good order.You need very little........ travel clothes will be left in the car. In the case of delicate hands thin gloves will do. Also readiness for adventure and effort- of course canoe tour is a dose of hard work.

Canoing tour is advisable for everybody who likes rest in motion willing to escape oneself from stressing rhytm of the working day:

  • For singles, couples and families
  • As the last common vacation with children- teenagers
  • To try ones hand at canoeing
  • For students before and after examinations
  • For lovers of nature and everybody willing to spend holiday differently
  • And of course for those who want to experience pleasures for a little money.