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If you are starting to get annoyed by the sound of a ringing phone and you would rather put your feet in a cool water, if you are tired of disco music but you love the silence around a bonfire, if you do not care about not using brand - nam e perfumes for a while; if you are ready to cook for yourself; if you do not need anybody to guide you by the hand and care about you alI the time - then we have som e thing for you !
You would spend seven days going down the river on a canoe following a well trained guide, who knows the area and foreign languages. The maximum number of people in a group is ten. Each crew consists of two people, who travel in 5.3 meter-long canoes. Each canoe is fully equipped with a cooker*, a tent, life-vests, plates, silverware, cups, boxes and bags for storage. AlI you need to take are your personał items: clothes, sleeping bag, mattress and first of all good mood for adventure!

The route is beautiful - you go on the rivers and lakes, surrounded by forest and grass fields.On the first day your guide will show you the technique of using the canoe - it is simpler than you think ! Although after the first day you will feel tired, this feeling will be gone soon We will also show you places for grocery- shopping in smalI stores and village markets. In the evenings you will get a chance to learn more about the history and legends of Mazurian Lakes.We often tak e brakes in beautiful places (swimming or drinking coff ee).


  • full equipment of highest standards
  • well - qualified guide as your adventure partner
  • training in basic techniques of survival
  • advice in many practical issues
  • the best places for camping, fishing and shopping
  • we pay alI the costs of camping, transportation and equipment
  • we travel at a speed that is most convenient for you 

We meet each Saturday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. We take our cars to a safe parking. We buy the groceries and meet at the bonfire. We start on the canoes on the Saturday. There is no point of talking about the Krutyn River - you just have to see it yourself!
There are two routes:
I. Sorkwity - Iznota/Kamień
2. Sorkwity - Mikołajki
After arriving at the last camping place, the crews clean the Canoes on Friday, and the drivers bring your cars. For those willing to stay until Saturday, there are several tents available. You only pay for food and parking- the rest is included in the fee.

from Olsztyn take a route to Suwalki (Mragowo)
stop at Sorkwity , a tourist vilIage between Biskupiec and Mragowo
we meet at the camping at the castle at the Lampackie Lake, at the Hotel;"Pałac Sorkwity"
Min. No. of
Each Saturday
from 21th June
till 30th August



or in groups

(min. 10 people)

* There is also a possibility of ordering a Canoeing trip with full or partial food offers
/ this offer is only for groups/.

1. Thank you for your interest in our offer
2. We are very happy to see your interest in Poland and Mazury in particular
3. We will be deligated to help you organizing your trip to Mazury in the suggested dates:
4. To make it easier please specify your demands, do you wand to order :
- a canoe trip with a company of (english speaking) guide
- sleep in tents, or bungalow, or hotel rooms
- order meals in a bar, or restaurants
- hire canoes only, without meals and accomodation
5. Please give us more details about the second group of people you plan to bring to Mazury

I. Canoe Trips - group tours;
- „standard version”/SV - (guide + sleeping a tent, no meals) = 270,-Euro/Pers.
- „upgraded version”/HPZ - (guide + tent + ready meals) = 399,- Euro/Pers.
II Bike Trips - group tours;
- „upgraded version”-Hotel/HPH -(guide + sleeping a bet + ready meals )= 599,-Euro
III „Kombi" Trips - group tours;
- canoe & bike”/HPH -(guide + sleeping a bet + ready meals )= 599,-Euro
IV. RENT a canoe/bike & single tours
canoe transfer = 60,-Euro
other transport = 40,-Euro(:50 km.)
V. Accommodation before the start:
- in a tent = 5,-Euro/Pers.
- in a wooden house with toilet and shower = 15,-Euro/Pers.

Example RENT a Canoe:

1 Canoe/Basic 1 day a`20,-Euro x 5 days = 100,-Euro (no tent) x 5 canoe = 500,-Euro
Canoe transport : 60,-Euro (~ 6 canoe)
Other Transport 40,-Euro(~50km/ 7 Person)
TOTAL PRICE : 500,-Euro

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